Keep Your Towels Soft and Fluffy

by Jennifer Robert on Sep 09, 2022

Keep Your Towels Soft and Fluffy

Towels are used ECONOMICALLY and often end up being rough with stiff loops making them uncomfortable to use. A common question we hear is, “How to keep towels soft and fluffy?” Here are a few tips to keep your towels soft, fluffy, and comfortable to use.

Use a Small Amount of Detergent

When we wash our towels with ordinary detergent, it feels stiff, because a soapy residue builds up on them. When washing your towels use a lower amount of detergent which will help the washing machine to wash out any pesky bits of soap that are left over on your towel.

Use Room Temperature Water

Medium warm water or room temperature is the best for washing towels as it absorbs detergent better, leaving little or no detergent build-up on the towels themselves. When washing your towels, you can also let the detergent dissolve in the washer before adding towels – start the wash cycle, add your detergent, and wait a few minutes before adding the towels.


Don’t Fall for Fabric Softeners

Even though fabric softeners market themselves as chemicals that make your fabric soft and fluffy, most of them contain silicon, which makes towels water repellent – this means they will not get a good wash.

Instead of using fabric softeners, you can soften your towels by using one cup of white vinegar about every six weeks; this will remove the detergent residue that makes towels feel rough, bringing back the towel’s original softness while restoring them to full absorbency. You can simply wash towels in a regular washing machine wash cycle, and then re-wash them using vinegar instead of detergent.

Baking Soda can Help

Using baking soda on your towels can help loosen up the fibers and clean off any residual chemical build-up, which will make your towels plushy. You can mix half a cup of baking soda with a normal amount of detergent and wash your towels like you regularly do. Baking soda naturally eliminates any foul odors that may have built up on the surface of the towel. This is especially helpful for damp gym and salon towels, or even the bath towel pile lying on the bathroom floor.


You should not put too many towels in your washer at once. This not only strains the machine, but it also will not provide enough room to rinse out all the dirt and detergents from your towels. The same goes for the dryer; if you overload the dryer, there won’t be enough air in the dryer to properly fluff the fabric.

Another suggestion is to use unused tennis balls in the machine. Having a few unused tennis balls or dryer balls bouncing around in the dryer helps remove lumps while softening and fluffing your towels.

You should also go easy on tumble drying. The heat from the dryer can damage the wholeness of cotton. Therefore, use a lower setting or alternate between air drying and tumble drying. You can also partially dry towels on the line and then finish them up in the dryer. If you prefer line drying, shake the towels out afterward to fluff up the fibers, or toss them in the dryer in a cool setting for additional softness.

There you have it – the answer to the question, “How to keep towels soft and fluffy?” Follow these expert tips and we promise that your towels will stay soft and fluffy for longer.